Patents are for inventions of a technical nature.  A patent may be obtained for an invention that is new or improved, a new use for an existing invention, or a novel process that can be used in industry.

Patents deal with how things work, what they do and how they do it.  Few patents are for entirely new inventions.  Most patents are for improvements in known technology.

Inventions are only patentable if they are new and have never been made public in any way. This means that an inventor must ensure absolute secrecy before the patent is applied for.

Granted patents do not guarantee that the owner can make and sell the product. Rather, the owner can stop others from making, using or selling the patented product or process for up to 20 years.

Patents, what can they offer me?

There are a number of commercial reasons for obtaining a patent:

N J Akers & Co and Patents

N J Akers & Co is experienced with assisting clients with all matters relating to patent protection and enforcement.  We actively represent clients before the UK and European patent offices obtaining granted patents, defending patents from opposition and challenging the patent rights of others.

N J Akers & Co offers particular expertise in the fields of oil exploration, production and refining, the bulk chemical industry, the healthcare industry and the automotive industry.

Patents are for inventions of a technical nature.

Patents are for inventions of a technical nature.

Protection for a defined period.

Protection for a defined period.